About Us

Vision and Purpose

Active Humber is a charitable company whose purpose is to help people of all ages and backgrounds to improve their health and well-being by taking part in regular physical activity and sport.

Active Humber is also one of the 42 Active Partnerships located across England and as such receives funding from Sport England to carry out several functions to help achieve the Sport England strategy 'Towards an Active Nation' at a community level.

That strategy has set out a clear 'Primary Role' of what an Active Partnership must do to help in the achievement of 'Towards an Active Nation'. Active Humber has been contracted to deliver that 'Primary Role'. The overall purpose of the role is:

To develop a Humber-wide network of organisations and have a strong understanding of the Humber; broker and support the right relationships and help identify the best opportunities to maximise impact for the Humber wide community against the Government's outcomes through sport and physical activity. The overall focus of Active Humber should be on inactive people and under-represented groups.

This 'Primary Role' is delivered through four key functions:

  • A strong granular understanding of the place and people
  • An ability to broker and facilitate a much wider range of relationships
  • Where necessary supporting projects and relationships on Sport England's behalf
  • Supporting Local Authorities by consent


Across England 39% of the population are not doing enough regular physical activity to ensure they enjoy good health and that figure rises to 44% across the Humber and well above 50% in the poorest of our communities.

The time has come to take urgent action now, to improve the health and well-being of the people of the Humber by encouraging them, especially those who are physically inactive, and/or underrepresented to sit less and move much more.

Our vision for the Humber, is that it is a place where everyone is physically active every day, for themselves, their communities and their planet.

Based on the experience of public health campaigns like smoking cessation and the current low levels of physical activity rates across the Humber, that vision will be an immense challenge to achieve and likely to take many years to achieve.

We are driven to see the necessary changes needed and are determined to campaign and work tirelessly for the achievement of our vision, every step, pedal, run, jump, lift, stroke of the journey to be undertaken.

As the journey towards the vision will be a long one, Active Humber has set itself a vision of what we would want to see in the Humber and it is;

In each of the 4 Local Authority areas of the Humber the participation rates for inactive people and underrepresented groups will have begun to improve year on year.


Our mission derives from 'Towards an Active Nation' and it is that;

To get the most inactive, active.

Active Humber will do that by harnessing the power and passion of people in public, private and voluntary organisations across the Humber, to make the Humber a much healthier place to live and work through regular physical activity and sport.

By achieving the mission, we will have moved towards our vision in that;

  • The physically active and sport participation rates for inactive people and underrepresented groups will have started to rise year on year in the Humber;
  • Active Humber will have successfully brought together a network of people, programmes and organisations to deliver those year-on-year increases in physical activity and sport participation rates;
  • Active Humber is regarded as a leading and innovative organisation driving the change to get the Humber physically active; and
  • Active Humber is regarded by Sport England and our partners as an exemplar Active Partnership, helping partners to effectively get the Humber active.

The success of the mission is that in the Humber, many more people inactive people and underrepresented groups will sit less and move more.

From local community sport clubs, halls, places and fields to activities like going to the gym or walking – we're building a physically active Humber that caters for everyone.

Our strategy will help deliver against the health, social and economic outcomes set out in 'Towards an Active Nation'.

Our role is to...

Influence, support and deliver in physical activity and sport and we will be organised in doing that to make a positive impact on people's lives in the Humber.

To pursue our vision of ...

that everyone, every day is physically active in the Humber,

regardless of age, background or ability, feels able to easily take part in physical activity and sport especially those for whatever reason are not currently active.

To turn that vision into reality we aim to

  • Get more people to become physically active especially those who are currently inactive;
  • Encouraging greater inclusivity in physical activity and sport so that everyone can take part;
  • Building and developing partnerships to maximise resources and investment into physical activity and sport in the Humber; and
  • Ensure Active Humber is a fit for purpose organisation to deliver its aims and objectives successfully.

We do that through working with a whole range of organisations such as Local and Public Authorities, Health bodies, the Voluntary sector and the Business community.


  • Influence – to make physical activity and sport happen in the Humber
  • Support – our partners in the delivery of their products and services
  • Deliver – our programmes in an effective and efficient way to get more people active
  • Organised - ensure all we do reaches the highest of ethical standards

We will amongst other actions

1 Influence - To make physical activity and sport happen in the Humber area by influencing those with resources to best use them in the most effective and efficient way they can.

1.1 Understanding People and Place - Create a shared deep understanding of people and place of Humber that is being used to inform policy and practice in the area.

1.2 Collaborative leadership – Active Humber operates across organisational boundaries to deliver shared results optimising use of resources, assets and skills to help develop a framework for sustained change locally

1.3 Promote - the value and benefits of regular physical activity and sport to improve health and well-being of people across Humber.

2 Support - Active Humber supports partners in a range of different ways in the delivery of their services and products to get more people active.

2.1 Partnerships and Brokering – Active Humber identifies and works with relevant partners in a collaborative way to deliver shared objectives.

2.2 Local Authorities - Review and determine the arrangements against the Primary Role with each Local Authority as to where Active Humber can effectively support them.

2.3 Sport England - Support Sport England as required by Sport England.

2.4 Workforce – Support partners to have an effective workforce in place to deliver the Primary Role.

3 Deliver – Active Humber delivers programmes in a way that is most cost effective and efficient for growing regular participation in those who are inactive.

3.1 Children and Young People – to encourage all children and young people to be active through our programmes e.g. School Games

3.2 Active Ageing – to encourage all Older People to be active through our programmes e.g. GOGA

3.3 Inclusion – to encourage those from lower socio economic groups and those with a disability or long term limiting illness to be active e.g. ‘Workplace Health’ 

3.4 Active Environments - creating sustainable places and spaces with partners that make it easier for people to be active

4 Organised - Ensure Active Humber is a fit for purpose organisation to deliver the Primary Role successfully

4.1 Governance - Be a well governed Charitable Company by maintaining Code of Sports Governance Tier 3 accreditation and the appropriate standards in Equality, Safeguarding, H&S, GDPR, etc.

4.2 Finance - Achieve the agreed Budget and review our programmes against the Primary Role to assess new business and funding opportunities.

4.3 Team and People development - Create a positive culture in the behaviours of the Operational Team and Board.

4.4 Continuous improvement - Active Humber is effective in extracting learning which drives continuous improvement.

Through our values of...

  • Integrity – we will be honest, dependable and trustworthy and strive to apply this in our relationships with co-workers, partners and stakeholders.
  • Cooperation – we will work together as a team and with our partners with contagious enthusiasm for the achievement of our shared goals.
  • Excellence – We will be passionate about our work, creative in our execution and continually learning and improving the ways in which we work in pursuit of excellence.

All leading to improvements in the success of the Nation and the Humber

We want everybody to experience the benefits that taking part in sport and physical activity brings, including:

  • Physical Health
  • Mental Health
  • Individual Development
  • Social and Community Development
  • Economic Development

Our approach

This bold and ambitious policy direction means we are going to need to work in different ways to make sure everyone can get the most out of taking part in physical activity and sport.

Some of the key changes we are making include:

  • Focusing our resources on tackling inactivity because this is where the gains for the individual and for society are greatest;
  • Putting people, customers and stakeholders at the heart of what we do, responding to how they organise their lives and organisations to help the sector to be more welcoming and inclusive;
  • Working across the Humber where it makes sense to do so but encouraging stronger local co-operation to deliver a more joined-up experience of physical activity and sport;
  • Working with a wider range of partners, including the private sector, to use our expertise and investment to best align the resources for physical activity and sport; encouraging innovation and sharing best practice; and developing services and products that meet the needs of people and enable them to engage in physical activity and sport; and
  • Ensure that more people from every background regularly and meaningfully taking part in physical activity and sport.