Get Active At Home

Active Ageing

Older Adults

The Chief Medical Officer's own physical activity guidance highlights the benefits of maintaining muscle strength, balance and flexibility.

The exercise below are ideal for older people and people with mobility issues.

You can find additional ideas to keep you Active in our adult section here

The Activity Alliance have developed some guidance for disabled people and their families and friends on how to make activities more accessible. Find out more

NHS Sitting exercises gentle sitting exercises will help improve your mobility and prevent falls

NHS Strength exercises home exercises to improve health and mobility

NHS Balance exercises gentle exercises to improve your health and mobility

NHS Flexibility exercises home exercises to improve your health and mobility

NHS Home Workout Video

Make Movement your Mission a series of exercise sessions brought to you buy Later Life Training

BBC Physical Activity for Older People short routines designed specifically for older people.

10 Today 10 minutes of enjoyable and easy exercises

Staying Active at Home simple exercises recommended by physiotherapist to build strength and balance in older adults

Love to Move chair based activity programme to improve memory, balance, flexibility and co-ordination