Tips to exercise safely during the darker evenings


The benefits of physical activity for mental and physical health are well documented. 

 With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the everyday restrictions we face, it is now, more than ever important for us to stay physical activity.

During Spring lock down, activity levels of women declined much more quickly than men. With the dark nights drawing in, safety fears may prevent women from getting outside to exercise.

The thought of running after dark can be a scary one. There are some alternatives ways to keep you moving during lockdown restrictions;

• If possible speak to your employer, and see if there is flexibility to fit your exercise into daylight hours

• Take some exercise over your lunch break – just 10-15 minutes can make a huge difference to how you feel physically

• There is a huge variety of on-line activities (both paid and free) that can help you to get (and stay) active at home. Active Humber have an overview of some of these resources that you can find here

• Buddy up with a friend, you can meet up with one other person for some socially distant activity.

• Make the most of your time by walking and biking as a means of transport.

For those who are comfortable training after dark, Runners World have seven tips on how to run safely during the winter: