A virtual day in the Humber with Tim Hollingsworth


The Active Humber online conference earlier in November 2020 saw Tim Hollingsworth, CEO, Sport England discuss with colleagues the emerging new Sport England strategy.

Emerging Sport England Strategy

Tim talked about the current situation and thanked all for their considerable efforts to keep the nation active at this time. What was interesting is that the new strategy unlike those of before, is not so much about the ‘why’ and ‘what’ but very much about a revolution in the ‘how’. Gone will be the majority of national programmes delivered locally and the transactional nature of previous programmes to be replaced with a more place-based working approach and a recognition that local people are best placed to come up with local solutions to get the most inactive, active.

The much greater emphasis about tackling inequalities will be central to all that is proposed, and this is in recognition that the current system whilst providing for many also still does not provide for all. The concept of universal proportionalism will be core and that must be good news for us across the Humber as we deal with some of the most disadvantaged communities in England.

The five areas of the emerging strategy around; 

  1. recover and reinvent
  2. better aligned with health
  3. positive experiences for children and young people
  4. stronger communities 
  5. active environments 

These are all areas of work currently taking place across the Humber. The ‘ask’ from Tim was how do we all in each of those five areas ensure we really do tackle the inequalities that are stopping some people from being active.

To use the Sport England phrase, they are ‘stubborn on the vision but flexible on the how’. 

The Sport England consultation period has one week to go, and this is a great opportunity for us across the Humber to help in defining the how. Visit the Sport England website and please let them know your thoughts. We have some great approaches across the Humber we need to be sharing nationally.

Other Partners in the Humber

Tim on the rest of his virtual day in the Humber had a really good session with the three health Integrated Care Services that cover Yorkshire and the Humber on how physical and sport can best to align with this part of the health system.

His final session was with Active Withernsea and all the impressive work they are doing as local delivery pilot.

A thank you

In Tim’s note back to me it was best summed up with his words.

"Congratulations for today and from your perspective for all the great work you and your colleagues across the Humber are doing. Tough times but we are together. I genuinely look forward to making it in person."

In these tough times it is great that the work of colleagues across the Humber is being appreciated nationally and I for one feel, the new Sport England strategy gives us a great opportunity to build very much on the collective success of the Humber over the last few years.