#WomensWinterWorkouts - Anyone for Tennis?


In our #WomensWinterWorkouts series we're sharing real women's stories about how they're staying active during the darker, colder winter months during the current restrictions.

We all know physical activity delivers immediate mental health and social benefits and has a long-term positive impact on our physical health. 

Hopefully some of these ideas will help inspire you to enjoy the benefits yourself!

This is Janet's story

When Janet's husband contracted Covid -19 in September he became very poorly and spent some time in hospital. When he returned home Janet, 72 cared for him. 

Janet usually spends winter on holiday abroad but the pandemic and her unwell husband meant this was impossible this year. 

Before Covid Janet would enjoy playing tennis around three or four time a week but during the tighter restrictions she had to stop playing altogether. She has found it very difficult to keep the motivation to be active.

Throughout the winter she has decided to cycle to her local tennis club where she plans to return to play with a group of friends. 

During the darker months Janet likes to exercise at home doing exercise videos like Pilates.

She loves to keep active so that she can continue to do every day tasks without feeling tired. She’s loves to cycle everywhere.

If you're looking for ideas and inspiration to stay or get active at home you can visit our webpages for links to suggestions.