Virtual Sessions with Fitmums and Friends - helping Women through the Winter


In the fourth of our #WomensWinterWorkout stories we hear from Vickie who has Fitmums and Friends to thank for helping her get through the winter with virtual fitness sessions.

Here's what Vickie has to say;

Staying active during this pandemic is tough! Working from home means less time spent outdoors travelling to and from the office and during the darker evenings motivating myself to get out in the cold alone once family comes back from work/school is practically impossible!  

Daily dog walks could easily have been my only time out of the house and exercise if it wasn’t for Fitmums and Friends virtual sessions. With opportunities to take part in Yoga, Pilates and fitness classes, virtually, from my own home it gives me the boost (both kicking my muscles into action and also the endorphins) I need to keep moving.

What level of fitness would you say you started from?

At the point of lockdown in March my activity levels were low. This was partly due to injury but also due to anxiety about Covid and being out and about. Slow and steady building of activity levels at home helped me to build my fitness levels and confidence back up to now allow me to being able to regularly run again.

What did you do/ are you doing to do to get active this winter? 

I started with the stay at home mile which enabled me to run (or walk) on the spot using my step counter to track 2000 steps (approx. 1 mile). Colouring in the daily chart was a visible reminder of what I have already done and a prompt of what I needed to do the next day.

I have now moved on to the 12 days of Fitmas challenge to keep me going with a daily video from a coach to guide me through it  knowing this is building my strength and fitness.

What’s the reason you get active?

Although there are often days I get up and think I can’t be bothered, I ALWAYS feel better for getting out and getting active. It is good for my physical health but it helps my mental health too – I arrive home more motivated and able to concentrate on work.

Where do you get active and how do you make it happen?

Both at home and now out running on my own. I make sure I plan the run days in at the start of the week and fit at home workouts in my lunch/breaks.

What are your tips for getting active in the winter/dark?

Get some high vis on and go for a walk! The more active you are, the more active you will want to be – as if by magic! Try increasing your walk by just 5 minutes each day to build your stamina.

There are also loads of ways to keep active at home too if you aren’t able to get outside. Just doing 10 minutes to break up the working day is great for your muscles and for your brain!

What tips would you give other women about getting active in the winter/dark?

Plan it in! It makes it harder to “not” do it if you already have it planned in your schedule.