How to Stay Active at Home in your Eighties - Women's Winter Workouts series


At 84, Denise has had her 'ups and downs' with staying active. In this weeks #WomensWinterWorkouts Denise, who's been shielding during the pandemic, is sharing her story about how she's been staying active in her own home and her tips on how you can do the same.

Tell us a bit about you and your struggles with getting active generally and during the pandemic

My name is Denise, I am 84 years old and I live alone since my husband passed away. I have always tried to be active throughout my life but it has had its ups and downs along the way.

Before Covid-19 I was struggling with getting and staying active for different reasons. I was lacking motivation but then also I began having lots of falls which not only affected me physically but really knocked my confidence. I didn’t want to do anything that might be strenuous or make me lose my balance again so I just stopped doing anything.

Since Covid-19, it has been really hard to get motivated and even when I felt like doing something, there was nothing to do or nowhere for me to go during the lockdown.

My activity was only walking to the local shops once a fortnight for my groceries. During the course of the lockdown and pandemic I have noticed a change in my health because of lack of exercise and I suffer badly with breathlessness now.

What level of fitness would you say you have?

Before Covid-19 I was about a six out of 10, but since Covid-19 I’d say I was a three out of 10 because I haven't been doing anything.

What have you been doing to stay active? 

I am using the Friendship at Home tablets which have links to exercises. They are fun to do on my own, or when restrictions have been lifted in the past my friend came round and we both did them. We had a laugh doing the different types exercises and dances.

What is Friendship at Home?

Friendship at Home is a charity covering North East Lincolnshire who provide a range of services to older people to combat loneliness and isolation. Friendship at Home through the Tackling Inequality Fund have loaned their members tablets to access daily activities over Zoom to help keep their members mobile and fit.

What’s the reason you stay active?

To stay healthy and live longer

Where do you get active and how do you make it happen?

I cant go out because of lockdown now, but I do the Friendship at Home exercises in my living room whenever the mood takes me.

What are your tips for getting active in the winter/dark ?

I find it hard to be motivated so I'd say find something that motivates you and persevere with it. Also keep it short and fun.

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