Staying Active in Lockdown during Pregnancy - Women's Winter Workouts


Mum-to-be, Sophie shares her story below about being pregnant during lockdown in the latest of our Women's Winter Workout blogs. Taking part in online pregnancy yoga sessions has really helped her mental wellbeing and physical activity levels this winter.

Tell us a bit about you and your struggles with getting active generally and during the pandemic

I used to attend classes at the gym buy when they stopped in November I struggled to find motivation to exercise at home. I did continue walking however more recently the weather has put me off going out in the rain and ice. I have recently started Us Mums online yoga sessions. Us Mums is a Pre & Post Natal based exercise programme across the city of Hull.

What level of fitness would you say you started from? 

I did have high levels of fitness until the gyms shut/stopped classes, I would now say I am a moderate.

What are you doing to do to get active this winter? 

I have started attending the Us Mums Online Yoga sessions via Zoom with both Louisa on a Monday night and Eilish on a Wednesday morning.

What’s the reason you get active? 

Being pregnant has pushed me to stay active and healthy to give my baby the best start in life. I want to stay healthy and mobile for my own wellbeing. Exercise also really helps with my mental health especially now more than ever when I cannot see family and friends and have all sorts of concerns about health/ wellbeing related to the pandemic and becoming a parent.

Where do you get active and how do you make it happen?

At the moment at home via Zoom. It’s hard to find an excuse not to do it as I have nowhere else to be and I don’t even have to have my camera on so I don’t need to worry what I look like/or am wearing!

I also walk my dog around my local area, he makes that happen I have no choice in the matter! He plays up if he needs a walk.

Before the lockdown I would use the gym and had a good support network there with other gym users and the staff, we all encouraged each other to go and the teachers were really friendly which was what motivated me to go the most. Routine also helped to get myself there.

What are your tips for getting active in the winter?

Force yourself! Layer up and take a torch if you are going out, once you are out you do enjoy it and a hot brew when you get back is enjoyed even more!

The online sessions are great you don’t need to have your camera on so you can do it in your comfy pyjamas if you really want!

Try and get a friend or partner to do it with you or at the same time as you so you can encourage and motivate each other and have a bit of healthy competition. There are lots of people on the online groups/ gym FB pages that are very encouraging if you can’t get someone you know to get active with you.

Or if all else fails just get a dog they force you out! Ha ha!

What tips would you give other women about getting active in the winter?

Join forces and do it as a pair/group, your safer outdoors, you will be more supported, more motivated and let’s be honest there will be no silence so time will fly and you’ll be finished before you know it!

About Us Mums Hull

Us Mums is an inclusive pre and post natal exercise programme based across the city of Hull and delivered by the Healthy Lifestyles Team, Hull City Council. Designed to help females keep fit, active and social during this unique life stage, the sessions are delivered by fully qualified Level 3 Pre and Post Natal trainers.

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Exercise in pregnancy

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