Getting Active in Lockdown as a New Mum - Women's Winter Workouts series


First time Mum, Emma, shares her story about how getting active with a her new baby has been a challenge this winter during lockdown. Read the latest in our Women's Winter Workouts series to hear how getting out in the fresh air for a walk is helping...

Tell us a bit about you and your struggles with getting active generally and during the pandemic

I found out during the first lockdown in April 2020 that I was pregnant with my little boy Oscar. Before lockdown I would go to the gym three or four times a week and take my dog Rupert for a walk with my partner. I was still active day to day working as a paediatric nurse but was missing the high intensity exercise which helped me switch off.

What level of fitness would you say you started from?

I have always been very active and I would say that my fitness levels dipped dramatically. Pregnancy and having to shield meant that I could go for walks but I was missing the social element also.

What did you do/ are you doing to do to get active this winter? 

During the latter stages of pregnancy my partner and I did some fun walks in the countryside of Lincolnshire and we'd go to the beach as well to help our dog burn off some of the energy he had from being house bound.

What’s the reason you get active?

I love to keep active to feel good and keep my energy levels high. It's always when I stop training that I am lethargic.

Where do you get active and how do you make it happen?

Now our baby, Oscar has arrived we go walking into the countryside with our dog, Rupert. We are trying to get as much fresh air as possible and get out the mundane living of watching box sets and Netflix etc.

What are your tips for getting active in the winter?

For all the mums and new mums I would recommend go for a walk first thing in the morning, get some fresh air and try to do some home work outs if you can while your children are sleeping.