Active Humber Partner Survey Results


The partner survey is administered by the Active Partnership Network on behalf of all Active Partners. This year Active Humber had the opportunity to select from a suite of questions and pick when the survey would take place, this happened to coincide with the start of a third National lockdown. The survey was sent to all partners that we had worked with over the previous 12 months and who we felt could answer all the questions.

Partners overall were very positive about both their work and the relationship they have with Active Humber. There is a consensus that we are key/trusted partners, knowledgeable and the information we share is perceived as valuable. Some partners identified that there are more opportunities for AH and themselves to work together. It is positive to see a willingness from our partners to work more closely with us.

There is correlation between what we have done well and priorities for the next 12 months. This shows a desire to continue delivering based on our strengths, keeping on informing and the opportunity to build and develop these areas further. They are some instances where a partner does not feel full integrated and engaged with us, but there is an appetite to work together in the future.

Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) (a measure of partner satisfaction levels that asks partners the likelihood that they would recommend Active Humber.) is 74.19%, this is up 7% from 2019. 

We have designed an infographic to highlight the key findings which you can access via the link below.