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Youth Insight

Following on from the 2014 Sport England Youth Insight research which reviewed the role of sport in young people's lives, Sport England have uncovered a range of new insights into young people's behaviours and attitudes to influence how we get more young people more active. The Youth Personalities research 'Under the Skin' breaks down young people into six key personas. Only by understanding these various groups can we design the best possible programmes to get young people active.

Young people's behaviours do not always reflect their attitudes to sport – we need to focus more on changing behaviours and less of changing attitudes

Many young people take part in sport/activity for more functional or lifestyle reasons – keep engaging them and providing feedback on what actually matters to them not what matters to sport

Sport can provoke strong emotional responses. Whilst the activity can be sport, the message that sells it doesn't have to be. Levelling the playing field can also help overcome the emotional baggage of sport

Sport often has to compete or connect with wider interests or priorities. Young people respond well to meaningful experiences; those which benefit them as an individual, reinforce their place in their social group or help them develop

The supply of sport tends to reach those already engaged. Young people, particularly those in their late teens/early 20s, need to feel the community sport offer is specific enough to their needs and fits with their lives

Active Humber has specific marketing material on the 6 personalities and their behaviours, attitudes and aspirations which will support the design of the best possible programmes to get young people active. For further information or to receive this marketing material please contact Nicola Massingham on 07860 954342