Sport England New Strategy - share your views now!


The aim is to generate discussion and feedback which will help Sport England shape the strategy.

Sport England know partners are facing very difficult circumstances right now, so while they would like people to engage with their emerging direction as much as they possibly can, there's no fixed or prescriptive way to do that, and no deadlines.

Over the coming months, they will create multiple opportunities to continue the conversation about their future and new strategy for 2021 and beyond. Sport England are keen to hear and understand the views of people from across England and to take part in this consultation as much as they can.

Opportunities to engage in this consultation include:

  • Letting Sport England know your headline reactions and feedback and you can do that by going to the following link where there is a short survey to complete.
  • Taking part in one of their structured sessions to discuss where they are heading and what that means for what they will do – This will take place from July onwards and Active Humber will keep you informed about this.
  • Contributing to an online conversation to generate discussion around key themes and questions - which will be set up from the autumn onwards.

Need to know more then watch the webinar (below) that Sport England chief executive Tim Hollingsworth hosted in January 2020.