Active Humber distribute Activity Support Packs for children across the Humber region


Activity Support packs designed to help children and young people improve their physical and mental health are to be distributed to those most in need across the Humber region, during the school summer holidays.

1,000 packs have been distributed

Active Humber has teamed up with local School Games Organisers to distribute 1,000 packs to key groups of young people during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The packs contain practical examples of ways to stay active at home and tailored exercises, along with items to help children take part in physical activity more easily and to maintain positive mental health.

The project has been jointly funded by the Two Ridings Community Fund and Active Humber. Volunteers from five School Sports Partnerships across the region helped pack the activity bags alongside members of the Active Humber team.

Teams of volunteers assembled the packs

The team of volunteers assembled the packs, whilst maintaining social distancing guidelines, in a large space generously provided by Hull College. The packs will be distributed by School Games Organisers and Community Support Organisations to those identified as most in need at this time.

England’s Chief Medical Officer, Chris Whitty, recently said exercise is crucial to keeping people fighting fit during the pandemic, as well as “very important to long term health”.

Included in every pack is an activity guide with advice on how to use the equipment in versatile and fun ways to stay healthy and happy.

The 1,000 packs also include a skipping rope, tennis ball, bean bag, frisbee and chalks.

Free resource to help priority groups

David Gent, Chief Executive at Active Humber said; “It’s now more important than ever to help our local community make positive changes to improve their health and wellbeing.

“That is why we have put these packs together as a free resource and are working with key partners to make sure they get into the right hands.”

“We are sure these activity packs will make a difference to a lot of local families and hope that they inspire young people to continue to enjoy the benefits of physical activity now and into the future too.”

Prioritising well-being

Jo McDonald, School Games Development Manager at Active Humber said; “Staying at home can bring with it a variety of challenges to children’s mental and physical health. This year we were forced to cancel many of our School Games summer events, where we normally see up to 8,000 children take part in sports challenges. Our online Virtual School Games have been a huge success, but digital exclusion means that not all children have had access to the many activities being published online.”

“So whether it’s loneliness, boredom or the pressures of home-schooling the idea behind the packs is to help support these children through these testing times. Our hope is that by prioritising wellbeing at this time we can help a lot of local families.”

“Staying physically active while at home can bring a variety of positive outcomes and these packs should help young people with practical items.”

The Support Packs are being distributed across the Humber area.