Active Withernsea welcomes five-year investment from Sport England


Active Withernsea, which aims to create a happier and healthier community, has welcomed a five-year investment agreement from Sport England this summer.

Phased funding until 2025

The news is warmly received by the team and includes the agreement of phased funding until 2025. This increased timeframe recognises the ambitions and scale of the pilot as well as the need for increased certainty to plan for the challenges ahead following the COVID-19 pandemic.

The funding will enable Active Withernsea to continue exploring the areas of interest that have been collected by the team through discussions with the community which were developed into an investment plan. The investment plan outlines an innovative approach, putting people’s stories, relationships and connections at the heart of all activity.

Five areas of interest

Active Withernsea has identified five areas of interest which are; 

  1. ideas to increase opportunity for walking and cycling
  2. developing open spaces
  3. increasing activities for young people (aged 8-25)
  4. a community “Kickstarter” fund for new
  5. innovative ideas to be tried and tested and an opportunities for the community to learn and share new skills through development training for adults

Community led programme

The full programme is designed to be moulded by the community by delivering outcomes in a different way. The programme will be community-led and will focus on the co-creation and co-development of projects with the aim that skills and connections will be developed allowing all ideas and projects to belong to the community.

Two online meetings to find out more

The team are holding two online meetings to enable people to find out more about the key projects for Active Withernsea. 

These will be held on Tuesday 18 August (10am-12noon) and Wednesday 19 August (5-7pm). 

They will feature a short presentation and offer the opportunity for questions with representatives from Active Withernsea, Sport England and East Riding of Yorkshire Council. For more information or to sign up to a meeting please visit and search for “Active Withernsea”.

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