Couch to Fitness - New FREE programme for everyone


Couch to Fitness is a FREE nine week home exercise programme:

Funded by Sport England it targets those who are new or returning to exercise.

Each video class is hosted by three different coaches, all working at different energy levels. So if you need to take it easy, you can, but if you want to push yourself, there’s a coach who’s really going for it!

Participants can also remain socially engaged with others by joining the Couch to Fitness Facebook group for support from, and interaction with, others on the programme.

We all know that maintaining social ties during this time is just as important as physical activity when it comes to maintaining our mental and emotional health and we want to come together with as many partners to make this happen.

Couch to Fitness has been created by Our Parks, a community fitness group. Try out the first session - all the classes are free, forever. 

Sign up to the free Couch to Fitness programme here: