Active Humber - Forward in Motion 2021


Active Humber would like to work with our partners on  six ‘big plays’ to help people and organisations across the Humber to recover from Covid-19 

Active Humber as the physical activity and sport partnership for the Humber has over the period of the pandemic been working closely with Sport England on how we keep the Humber and the Nation physically active and healthy.

The pandemic has shone a light on the inequalities in our society. The dangers of living with multiple health conditions; the increased impact of the virus on Black, Asian and other minority ethnic communities; and on people in our poorest communities living in overcrowded and/or multi-generational households. There is also increased concern about the toll on people’s mental wellbeing, potentially worse for our poorest and most vulnerable people and communities.

Many of these issues are linked to physical inactivity. This affects our young people, who have become more inactive during the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as our wider population. Unless they become more physically active, our young people will spend much more of their lives in poor health and will be the first generation to have a lower life expectancy than their parents.

We know that there are many people across the Humber who are keen to get back to being physically active and playing sport in ways they have done before.

Forward in Motion

The paper below ‘Forward in Motion’ is how we at Active Humber would like to work with our partners over the next year on six ‘big plays’ to help people and organisations across the Humber to recover from Covid-19 by being physically active and the Humber ‘returning to play’ its role in national life. We want to help turn the ‘game of life’ back in favour for the people of the Humber. Our ‘game plan’ is simple; that life is better when you are physically active and by working together as a community, we will recover more strongly from Covid-19 and have a more equal, resilient and healthier community in place.

We believe the six big plays we are suggesting are where physical activity and sport can help people and the community across the Humber recover from Covid-19. We feel by working with our partners on this ‘big play’ approach we can speed up the recovery from Covid-19. The six ‘big plays’ are;

  1. A more equal future - building back fairer
  2. Creating healthier and more resilient communities
  3. Ensuring children and young people’s health and wellbeing
  4. Physical activity playing a positive role in a community-led recovery
  5. Helping to ‘reboot & rebuild’ the economy
  6. Building a green recovery through physical activity

When you have read the paper and if what we are suggesting over the next year will help in your efforts to help your community to deal with and recover from the pandemic, then please do contact David Gent.