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Modern-day life can make us inactive, and about a third of adults in England don’t do the recommended amount of weekly exercise, but the design of where we live and work can play a vital role in keeping us active.

As part of our drive at Active Humber to create an active environment which also creates a more carbon neutral environment, we support and encourage the adoption of the Sport England Active Design 10 principles which wrap together the planning and considerations that should be made when designing the places and spaces we live in. It’s about designing and adapting where we live to encourage activity in our everyday lives, making the active choice the easy choice whilst be kind to the environment.

This short film about Active Design shows how we can all encourage people to choose the active option by building a sustainable infrastructure that creates opportunities for all types of physical activity.

Active travel, walking and cycling

Active travel is any form of human-powered travel, with the most popular forms being walking or cycling.

Many public transport trips include a portion of active travel at the beginning and end of every journey (walking to-and-from a local bus stop or train station), taking public transport is another popular form that is available to us all across the Humber - just remember to maintain proper physical distancing protocols if and when you do take public transport.

Trips to the shops or to-and-from school or work, whatever you are up to, leaving the car at home can be the perfect way to work some active minutes into your week. Remember, every adult in the UK (16 years or over) needs 150 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity each week, while children (5 to 15) require 60 minutes of physical activity every single day.

Read more about how you can integrate Active Travel into your everyday life.


Here are some partners we work with and what they're doing in this area;

  • Living Streets - Whose mission is to achieve a better walking environment and inspire people to walk more.

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Please look around our website at all the things we are doing to encourage people across the Humber to be less sedentary in their daily lives and more physically active. We are keen to work with those who are encouraging people to walk and cycle more in their daily lives as well as other ways of being active each day. Please do get in touch if you want to know more about we do.

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