Active Withernsea

The beach at Withernsea

Withernsea is part of something exciting. 

It's one of only 12 areas chosen by Sport England to understand more about what makes happy and healthy communities. It's a completely new approach which puts people and their ideas at the centre of a bold approach to unlock new and exciting ways for everyone to enjoy a more active life, regardless of ability or background.

Active Withernsea, has welcomed a five-year investment agreement from Sport England with phased funding until 2025.

Discover more about Active Withernsea on their website.

Living more active lives

Active Withernsea want people to live longer and healthier lives by living more active lives - in every way - physically, mentally and socially. 

They know from conversations with the community that “activity” means different things to different people and that it means more than just lycra and trainers. For some people, just feeling safe in their community and knowing people will welcome them comes far before asking them to join a walking group.


Active Withernsea want the benefits of what they are doing to be felt in the future, well beyond the lifespan of the project and that is why they are working with the community to both deliver and support real change.

Five focus areas

Active Withernsea are working with the Withernsea community on co-produced activities which are: 

  1. Walking and cycling
  2. Open spaces
  3. Activities for young people (8-25 years)
  4. Kickstarter grants (open September 2020)
  5. Community development opportunities

For more information and to see the latest activities, visit their website or contact Active Withernsea.

Tim Hollingsworth 'Visits' Active Withernsea

Tim Hollingsworth, chief executive at Sport England visited the Humber region in November 2020.

See his trip brought to life through the eyes of the Active Withernsea community and discover more about this long term project - all brought to life brilliantly with video, cartoons and photographs.

The 'story' starts from around 18 minutes in...