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PACE (Physical Activity and Community Engagement Network)

Supported by Active Withernsea, the Physical Activity Community Engagement (PACE) Network is the future of physical activity and community engagement in Withernsea. Built on our love of Withernsea, trying new things, and engaging with the whole community, this fun, innovative network is here to connect us together. The purpose of the network is to champion physical activity and together tackle the barriers to being active. The PACE network is free to join, open to anyone who has an interest in supporting Withernsea to be more active and involves workshops, events and networking.

The PACE network launched in July 2022 and has since held regular events and 'sticky issue' subgroups. We’re currently building a timeline of the PACE journey. Check back soon to see how PACE has progressed so far.

In October 2023, the PACE network came together to identify the next steps. The following priorities were agreed:

1. Steering Group/Leadership Roles: The Next Steps event highlighted the importance of establishing a strong steering group and defining clear leadership roles, to ensure effective decision-making, accountability and long-term sustainability.

2. Centralized Way of Meeting People: Participants recognized the need for a central platform or system that facilitates networking and collaboration among PACE members. This priority seeks to foster a stronger sense of community.

3. Regular Communication about the Progress of PACE: Transparency and consistent communication emerged as a critical requirement. PACE members identified the need for a communication strategy that keeps everyone informed about the networks progress and developments.

4. More Face-to-Face Networking Events: Building stronger connections and collaborations within the PACE Community was deemed essential. The PACE community committed to organising regular face-to-face networking events to promote interaction and connection.

5. PACE Website/Digital Hub: Recognising the importance of easy access to information and resources, the PACE community wants to develop a dedicated website or digital hub. This platform will serve as a central resource for information, updates, and resources related to PACE.

6. Sharing Information about What PACE Is: To ensure a wider understanding of PACE's purpose and goals within the Withernsea community, a communication plan is to be developed

7. Identifying Ongoing Funding Opportunities: The PACE community wants to actively explore sustainable funding opportunities to support the growth and development of PACE, emphasising the long-term viability of the network.

Whether you've been involved in PACE to date or not, your input and involvement in these next steps are highly valued. You can get involved and keep up to date with PACE by joining the PACE Facebook Group or emailing to be added to the PACE email list.

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