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Together Fund

Active Humber are excited to announce that funding through the Sport England funded Together Fund is now available. Please note that this funding is for the provision of physical activity.

The Together Fund is a continuation of the Sport England Tackling Inequalities Fund,  that was set up in April 2020 as part of our support package to help the sport and physical activity sector through the coronavirus crisis.

The Together Fund is intended to help further growth and recovery of community organisations working with our target audiences, those who were identified as being disproportionately affected by the pandemic and it was significantly impacting their ability to be physically active.

These four key audiences are;

  • Lower socio-economic groups
  • Culturally diverse communities
  • Disabled people
  • People with long-term health conditions.

To find out more about how we previously invested the Tackling Inequalities Funding, please visit here.

Below you will find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions

Application Process

To ensure this money goes where it is most needed Active Humber would like to work with the organisations and community groups already working with the target audience.

If you are interested in applying for the Together Fund please complete the expression of interest form below. The form will be assessed by our internal grants panel and you will be allocated a member of the Active Humber team who will support you through the process.


If you would prefer to talk through the Expression of Interest form please phone 01482 244344 or email info@activehumber.co.uk and again we will allocate you to a member of the Active Humber team.

Privacy statement

As part of the Together Fund process, the information supplied during the application phase will be shared with Sport England for final approval. For more information on how we look after your personal information please see our privacy statement.