Context Survey

In addition to our context survey completed in February/March we are asking you, the sporting clubs and deliverers of sport and physical activity to complete a very short Covid 19 Context Survey to allow us to support you effectively through this pandemic (please find this survey below). If you have any further questions, please contact Robin Lavin, Workforce Development Manager at 

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In October 2018 we launched our first Active Humber context survey and we're excited to report the headline findings, and what we've done as a result of the responses.

A sporting context includes clubs but also less formal sport and physical activity provision. It is any setting in which people take part in sport and physical activity. We ran the survey for a number of reasons; to set a baseline to compare in the future, help inform our major funding applications and importantly will shape the work we do.

As a result of your feedback we've:

  • decided to start a quarterly newsletter full of loads of useful information to help develop your club including funding and resources that can be accessed through Club Matters for free. It's simple to join and loads to gain.
  • refreshed our volunteer page with more resources, interactive quiz and links to help you promote your opportunities.
  • included a section on recruiting volunteers during Social Media training.
  • Developed a series of online training options for you to make learning more flexible. There are currently 3 modules available with plenty more to come!

We will:

  • continually review the information you provided us to see where we can help and support.
  • send you the next Context Survey in October 2019.
  • compare year on year results.

Click on the link below to download the full highlights.

Context Survey 2018 highlights infographic
Context Survey Highlights Infographic