Keeping your Members Active

Ideas for keeping your members active

Sport clubs play a huge role in keeping the nation active, despite the disruption to their normal services many are stepping up and offering alternative ways to be active. Below are some great examples of how clubs and other organisations are keeping their members active.

CrossFit Hull and Humber

CrossFit Hull and Humber (usually) provide CrossFit classes, Bootcamp, PT and open gym sessions at 2 locations at either side of the City. Amid the Covid-19 crisis, they are doing their best to keep their members engaged and active;

Before the lock-down equipment was lent out to members. Member feedback shows members are very grateful to have the tools to keep them fit at home.

Sandbags were purchased by CrossFit Hull and Humber and given to members for use in the daily workouts. There are on-line demos for anyone who may be unsure of the sandbag moves.

Members can access on-line classes. With three a day to choose from and an additional Sunday stretch class there is plenty of options for everyone.

Expert coaches are programming a number of sessions on a weekly basis include running, weights and cardio for those who bagged a rower or assault bike!

The club has a strong social media presence, with a closed group for members and the daily sharing of member activities to motivate everyone to keep active.

At CrossFit Hull and Humber the social side of classes is a big part of the experience, to keep this going weekly coffee morning and also a weekly quiz has been scheduled.

165 different members are/have taken place in Zoom classes.

Aspire Gymnastics Club

Aspire gymnastics club (usually) delivers gymnastics for all ages in a safe and fun environment. They operate from their own premises in the East of the city.

Setting mini challenges throughout the week such as how long can you hold a handstand for.

At home workouts for members to complete (with on-line examples of how to do the moves).

Specific conditioning programmes for the competition gymnasts.

Sharing of inspirational competition moments.

Fun photo days to encourage gymnasts to share pictures of their training.

Sharing other resources that gymnasts can follow to keep themselves active such as, gymnastics with Max on Youtube.

Fitmums and Friends

Fitmums and Friends is a social enterprises, providing fitness activities such as running groups, walking groups, cycle squad, junior athletics and even a choir! They have been using the following ways to stay in touch with their members.

Virtual classes for members in Yoga, Pilates, strength and conditioning and junior athletics. Virtual classes are being attended by an average of 30.

The stay at home mile, open to non-members too, a new initiative to keep people moving. There is a downloadable rainbow available where you can record your miles. The Facebook video has had 7,600 views.

Pre and Post-natal yoga is available for all with live sessions ran twice a week via their Facebook page.

Work from home wellness sessions, live on a Wednesday morning at 8:30am but accessible throughout the day. These sessions are available to everyone and have been designed to help people combat working from home from work-stations that are perhaps less than ideal. The recordings from the live sessions are averaging 250 views per clip.