Pass On Your Passion

The Pass on your passion baton infront of the Humber Bridge

In 2017 we championed the #PASSONYOURPASSION campaign that took place across the whole of the North of England, celebrating the hard work of inspirational female coaches in sport, and encourage the next generation to get involved.

This year, on 30th September 2019 #PassOnYourPassion is back in the Humber! The campaign has changed slightly in that now we are looking for nominations for any female workforce role that is involved in a sporting context including coach, volunteer, instructor, activator etc. This year we are particularly looking for nominations for workforce from or delivering within the following demographics:

  • Children and young people (5-25)
  • Those living with a lifelong limiting illness or disability
  • Older people (55-74)
  • low income areas

We will be sharing some great case studies to highlight our passionate workforce in the Humber, and the great work they do. See some of our videos from the last campaign HERE.

For more information contact Robin Lavin on