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Create-a-Game Competition

Secondary Schools Create-A-Game Competition Autumn 2020

School Games County-Wide Competitions

Active Humber and The School Sport Partnership Network across the Humber recognise the challenges schools are facing currently around the COVID-19 Pandemic however we know you share our passion of Physical Literacy and the importance of keeping Students and Young People active during this period of limitation.

With this in mind, we have collaboratively created a series of School Games Competitions at County Level which your school can take part in virtually until such time we can all come together again at Physical Countywide Events.

These can all take place whilst adhering to your “bubble” guidelines and have been designed so that every student can engage. Most of the challenges are skills based and so can be done in a safe environment with little interaction or contact. For the most part, schools can submit their entries to a platform from which Active Humber will coordinate selecting the winners. There will be awards not only for the highest scores, but also aligned with the School Games values. There will be adaptations for those with Special Educational Needs (SEN) and a separate competition for Special Schools to access. For the latter part of the Autumn term, our first set of challenges will have a cultural theme being a Dance competition for Primary Schools and “Create a Game” for secondaries enabling them to use their imaginations to think up a new sport and how it will work.

It is hoped that you will get your whole class or year group involved in our County virtual events this year by incorporating them into your PE lessons as part of the standard school curriculum.

Each Challenge will have a set of rules and guidelines. Where the result may be deemed subjective i.e. Dance, a set of independent judges from the NGB or relevant sporting field, will independently judge the entries and the criteria for scoring will be detailed in the guide.

This Competition embraces both the cultural and physical element of the school Games and open to all secondary age school pupils. We are aware that many schools have lost much of their indoor PE space due classroom settings so we have created this activity to be one that you could also set in a classroom environment should you be forced indoors for a lesson due to bad weather.

The Competition will be split by age as follows: 

  • Y7/8
  • Y9/10
  • Y11+
  • Special Schools – mixed age secondary

We fully appreciate that you are not able to mix these ages at present and are not asking you to do so. It just means that for example if you are submitting an entry for Y7, you will be judged alongside the Y8’s etc. The difference in ages will be considered when judging takes place. Schools may enter more than once if you are working with different classes. The concept is to a create a new sport or physical activity game. Students will ideally work in small groups of no more than six, this is to embrace our School Games Value for this half term which is TEAMWORK.

Please ensure that students include details such as target age range, number of players, what equipment (if any) is needed, how to play, rules and scoring. We would like to see a short video clip of the game being played with accompanying commentary of what is happening.

The Games will be judged independently by a mixed panel from both the sport and educational fields. This activity allows students to let their imaginations run free as there is no set theme. So long as the specification includes clear instructions around how to play and how gain points to beat your opponent. It can be a team sport or 1 v.1

Some example videos can be found here:

Medals and Certificates will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each age category as well as some individual recognition awards for this 1⁄2 terms selected School Games Value – TEAMWORK!

Entry Logistics

Please complete the entry form which can be found here:

There is a section at the bottom to upload a video of your game being played. This footage does not have to be a complete game and could be just a clip but in total should be no more than 2 minutes long.

All entries to be submitted by Friday 11th December 2020 so that we can announce the winners before the end of term.

Please also upload a still photo of your Team that we can use when we announce the winners. Please do not include any students in it that do not have appropriate photography permissions as we will be using this on our "Winners” page and on social media.

Awards will be sent direct to schools for presentation or if preferred, we can send an Active Humber representative to your school to present them, subject to what COVID restrictions you have in place. This will likely be when you return to school in the New Year.

School Games Value Element:

This 1⁄2 term we are celebrating the School Games Value of Teamwork. As well as competition winners, we will be offering awards to this effect based on students you believe have displayed the best “Teamwork” ethic throughout the half term. Please submit a short text of your student name and photo (if possible and if permissions to publish are in place) and tell us how they did this by emailing We will select those we feel professed the best Teamwork skills and award them for their efforts.


Treat everyone equally, support each other and work together to have fun and achieve. Celebrate each other’s success.

Be a good friend and a positive team player in school, sport and life.

Teamwork - Working with my team, not being selfish, Letting everyone have a go, showing team spirit