School Games

Football Skills and Drills Competition

School Games County-Wide Competition

Active Humber and The School Sport Partnership Network across the Humber acknowledge that with most students staying safe at home until the February half term, it is still highly important that Young People keep active during this period of limitation. This will help them stay focussed on their on line learning and is crucial for a strong mental health.

With this in mind, we have collaboratively created a series of School Games Competitions at County Level which pupils can take part in virtually until such time we can all come together again at Physical Countywide Events. These can take place in homes or gardens or a public space and can also be accessed by schools who may opt to take part with the vulnerable or key worker students that are still in school.

All of these activities can take place whilst adhering to government guidelines and have been designed so that every student can engage. Most of the challenges are skills based and so can be done in a safe environment with little or alternative equipment that can be found in the home e.g. cushions as cones etc. Schools or individual students can submit entries from which Active Humber will coordinate and select the winners. There will be awards not only for the highest scores, but also aligned with the School Games values. There will be a separate category for Special Schools to access but taking part in the same skills. 

It is hoped that both students at home will get involved as well as schools open for vulnerable and key worker children. Any child from any school in the Humber can take part.

Each Challenge will be detailed in the Tigers Trust videos and you or your teacher will need to check how many you can do in the time specified and enter these scores on the website. We are relying on HONEST results submitted. Honesty is one of the core School Games Values……nobody likes a cheat!

This Competition focusses on football skills in particular the technical element and ball control and is open to all school pupils of any age. It is hoped that students will perform this safely from home or in school if they are attending. The entry page has the option of loading up whole class score or just individual ones should a pupil be in a home setting.

The Competition will be split by age as follows: 

  • KS1
  • KS2
  • KS3
  • KS4
  • Special Schools – Will have their own category for judging purposes however should follow the skills and drills format for their appropriate year group

We fully appreciate that you are not able to mix these ages at present and are not asking you to do so. It just means you will partake in the same age appropriate activity type for any year groups that fall within that key-stage.

In addition to the skills competition, There will be a School Games Value award for this half term which is HONESTY.

Entry Logistics

Please complete the entry form which can be found below. Please note: if you are entering multiple entries the form will maintain certain fields with each submission in order to speed the process of entering in bulk.

There is no need to upload video clips for this competition, purely just the scores for each of the three elements which will cumulatively create an overall score. A leaderboard will be published periodically with only the top entries displayed. We encourage every child to take part regardless of ability and to work to improve their personal best. In the interest of this half terms School Games Value being “HONESTY”, we are relying on teacher’s and students integrity to only submit actual PB’s.

Each age category will have different drills and videos detailing these can be found below:

All entries to be submitted by Friday 5th February 2021 so that we can announce the winners before the end of term.

Winners will be contacted directly (or via schools where applicable) to discuss how they would like to receive their awards.

Honesty - Play within the rules of the game, be honest with yourself and others, do the right thing in a difficult situation

School Games Value Element:

This 1⁄2 term we are celebrating the School Games Value of Honesty. As well as competition winners, we will be offering awards to this effect based on students you believe have displayed the best “Honesty” ethic throughout the half term. Please submit a short text of your student name and photo (if possible and if permissions to publish are in place) and tell us how they did this by emailing We will select those we feel professed the best Honesty during the activity and award them for their efforts.


Honesty with others and with yourself. Having the courage to do the right thing and what you know is right. Let the best person win - not the best cheat!