Workforce Week

Thank Those Who Make Physical Activity Happen

Is there someone at your club, or activity session who inspires you to be active every week? Do they keep you motivated to improve and be the best you can be? Are there people behind the scenes making sure the club is running well and a safe place to attend?

Let them know you appreciate them and say 'Thank You' by sharing a selfie video, which we will release during our Workforce Week, from 22 - 28 June.

It's your chance to let 'Activity Activators' know how much they're valued!

So whether you're...

  • thanking your coach for setting up those extra Zoom sessions.
  • the chair of the club who'd like to recognise your treasurer for applying for that grant funding.
  • a coach who'd like to let your volunteers know just how much they mean.
  • saying 'cheers' to a volunteer who makes the sessions fun.
  • or celebrating the organiser of a physical activity session.

Simply send us a short video selfie saying who you'd like to thank and why and we'll share it across our social media.

Send us your Selfie Video 

Just film a 20 second selfie video in landscape, like this, and tell us;

  • your first name
  • who you're thanking
  • where THEY'RE from
  • why you're thanking them

And we'll share it over our social media from 22 - 28 June.

Send your video by WhatsApp to Adam Wrightham on 07921 625264 before 12th June

Remember to include any social tags with your message so we can make sure those you want to see it, do!


By submitting your video you agree to it being shown across social media. Over 18s only or with parental permission.