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Time2Volunteer is a volunteering platform for Hull and East Riding, bringing all the possibilities of volunteering to one place.

It provides access to a wide range of volunteering opportunities as well as information and support in accessing volunteering and utilising volunteers. It also informs and involves people in the big issues around volunteering across Hull and East Riding.

For Volunteers

Time2Volunteer makes volunteering easy and accessible. Volunteers can find the role (or roles!) that best suit them, without having to browse multiple platforms or enquire with individual organisations.

When a volunteer registers and applies through Time2Volunteer, their time spent and skills gained will be captured and can be downloaded as a Social CV. This can be an invaluable tool to showcase volunteering commitment and learning, and can support employment or career development and even future volunteering.

For Organisations

Time2Volunteer supports volunteer organisations across Hull and East Riding to set up and manage their own volunteering programme.

Time2Volunteer gives organisations access to a free volunteer management system, Be Collective, which helps streamline the volunteering process. It enables groups to advertise volunteer opportunities and manage applications and timesheets. The number of volunteers and hours given are automatically logged, making gathering figures for reports much quicker.


You can find their resources pages here: and you can contact Time2Volunteer here: