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Complaints Procedure

Active Humber is committed to providing a high-quality service, but in any organisation, there may be occasions when things do not happen as intended and you may not be happy with the service you receive. When this happens, we want to put matters right quickly (so that we can learn from our mistakes and improve the way we do things in the future).

This procedure will help if you believe that Active Humber has:

  • Failed to do something that was agreed.
  • Not done something we should have.
  • Acted unfairly or discourteously.
  • Treated you or others in an unprofessional manner.
  • Failed to follow an agreed course of action.
  • Not responded in an appropriate timeframe

Making a complaint

First, it is always best to try to resolve the matter with Active Humber as there may have been a misunderstanding or the issue can be easily resolved there and then. You should initially speak to the person concerned (or Line Manager) advising them:

  • What the problem is.
  • How it came about.
  • How the issue has affected you.
  • What you would like actioned.

How to make a formal complaint

If you have been unable to resolve your complaint informally at the point of service, it will help if you put your complaint in writing, explaining what we have done wrong and what you think we could do to put it right.

You can make a formal complaint.

  • By writing a letter and or email.
  • By using the complaints form (at the bottom of the page)

On receipt of any Formal Complaint, we will write to you if you would like us to, within 10 days, to acknowledge receipt and confirming our understanding of what your complaint is about. If we cannot give a full response within 10 days, we will tell you how long we expect to take before the response can be provided.

We are committed to putting things right and the Chief Executive has overall responsibility for the Active Humber Complaints’ Procedure.

Our Promise

If you write to us, we will try to respond fully within ten working days. If this is impossible, because of the complex nature of your complaint, we will acknowledge your letter within five working days of receipt and let you know who is looking after your query, what action we are taking and when a reply can be expected.

What to do next

If you are still unhappy, you can contact the Chair of Active Humber Board (details listed below).

Still dissatisfied?

We will do all that we can to resolve your complaint at an early stage. However, if you are still dissatisfied with our response, you will have the right to ask for your complaint to be reviewed by an independent review panel, which is made up of two members of the Board and an independent lay person. If your complaint is referred to a complaints panel, we will contact you about the date of the panel’s meeting. You will have the right to attend and put your case forward. We will advise you in writing within ten working days what decisions have been taken on the panel’s recommendations. Our letter will give reasons for the decision and the steps to be taken.

Please note that all details will be held in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Please send all correspondence to:

David Gent - Chief Executive Officer

Active Humber, Aura Innovation Centre, Bridgehead Business Park, Meadow Road, Hessle, HU13 0GD

Tel: 01482 244 344

Email: dgent@activehumber.co.uk

Or email Active Humber at info@activehumber.co.uk

The Chair of the Board is:

Richard Smith 

Email: info@activehumber.co.uk

Your feedback is essential, and we welcome your comments, as these help us to review and develop our services. By making your views known, you assist us achieve the highest possible standards and provide a better service to everyone.

To complete your complaint please use our online form below:

If you are unable to complete this form please use the printable form below.