Place-based Working

What do we mean by place?

We define place in terms of geography and use the 4 Humber Local Authority boundaries and/or the subdivision of those boundaries. Those 4 places are then within the wider place of a) the Humber and b) the region of Yorkshire and the Humber and the nation of England. Our 6 main places are.   

  • East Riding of Yorkshire 
  • Kingston upon Hull
  • North Lincolnshire 
  • North East Lincolnshire  
  • Humber 
  • Yorkshire & the Humber and England

Yorkshire & the Humber and England are considered as one as much of the work here is interrelated and connected.

Place should not only be thought of in terms of geography alone but also the people, organisations, and systems within that place. It is this combination of people, organisations, and systems we wish to influence within a defined geographical area and the two together are ‘The Place’. 

What do we mean by place-based working?  

Sport England have produced two useful guides on what place-based working is in physical activity and sport. 

Tools to support tackling inactivity through system change - Putting it into practise

Navigating local systems

What do we want to achieve through a place-based way of working? 

That in each of our places they are places that physical activity and sport is positively encouraged as vital to the success of that place and to the health & wellbeing of the people who live and work there. Each place is an inclusive place to be physically active and play sport. Physical activity and sport are vital to the social, economic, and environmental fabric of the place. 

Sport England place-based expansion programme 

Details on the programme can be found here. 

The places identified within the Humber can be found in the powerpoint.

Please refer to the Sport England website for the most current information. 

Sharing The Learning 

Active Humber is working with a wide range of partners across the Yorkshire & Humber region to share the learning that everyone is discovering as they develop their place-based approaches. 

More details on how to get involved in this exciting initiative can be found here.

How do we at Active Humber work in a place-based way? 

Our business plan approach is as follows.  

  • Communities – Supporting the places facing the greatest challenges as identified through the Sport England place-based expansion programme. 
  • Areas – Working with partners to create the changes in the physical activity and sport system in each of the 4 places of the Humber. 
  • Humber & beyond – Making the case for the place and the communities of the Humber regionally and nationally.  

To support this work the Active Humber team is deployed across the 4 places to support each of the places based on the needs of that place.  

Who to contact at Active Humber about place-based working?

East Riding of Yorkshire - Ian Spencer - & David Gent -

Kingston upon Hull - Luke Metcalf - & David Gent -

North Lincolnshire - Adam Wrightham - & Nicola Massingham -

North East Lincolnshire - Lucy Gray - & Nicola Massingham -

Humber - David Gent - & Nicola Massingham -

Yorkshire & the Humber and England - Amanda Potter - & David Gent -