Impact Report 2023


We have continued to deliver our core service to partners of analysing and understanding the data on physical activity. 

Walking Insight Packs

Active Humber developed a new local area data pack to better understand what the trends as well as developing walking insight packs for each of the four areas to help partners understand what is best to do at a local level to encourage more walking. 

Updated and Revised our Insight Tools 

To help our partners make informed decisions on the data we significantly updated and revised the tools section on our website to help reach conclusions quicker as well as undertook a full ongoing maintenance & updating of all the tools.

Trends and Sharing the Learning

Sharing the learning has remained a constant theme throughout the year and in-depth analysis has been given at both our conferences in 2023 on what the trends are and where we might best focus our efforts into the future. This has also been complimented by briefings on the most recent Census data and the Cost-of-living crisis.

We have continued work in our special investigation areas of a) Coastal inequalities, and b) Climate change and inactivity as well as the impact of our Together Fund work.