Impact Report 2023


2023 saw us continue to deliver our strategy ‘Uniting the Movement across the Humber’ to deliver the increases in physical activity and the reduction in inequalities we seek. We believe we have developed a broad support for the approach being taken.

Spring and Autumn Conferences

We have used our Spring and Autumn conferences in conjunction with Active Withernsea to make the case for one united movement as a keyway of influencing the influencers. We have backed this up by speaking at numerous national, regional, and local conferences across the year to make the case for physical activity.

Sport England Visits

Sport England directors have visited the Humber to understand how we are delivering the strategy and listening to what local partners believe needs to be done nationally to increase activity across the Humber. This has helped to ensure that the Humber and the issues it faces are on the national agenda.

Building Relationships

We have sought to build the relationships we have with other organisations and the people in those organisations to tackle inequalities. Those relationships have been with our partners in the; health & social care, economic development, voluntary community social enterprise and public sectors to become a trusted and expert voice as well as across the Active Partnerships Network.