Key Outcomes

Making new friends
Giving back to my community

Areas Benefitted

Personal Satisfaction
Great camaraderie!
The opportunity to learn

"I get a great deal of personal satisfaction from volunteering for Fitmums and Friends" Gaye Harrison

Case Study

Gaye Harrison on why she volunteers with Fitmums

Tell me a bit about your volunteer role?

I provide support to the central Fitmums and Friends team across a  number of key projects:  The 365 Challenge: This is a fantastic initiative aimed at encouraging and motivating people to enjoy more physical activity in 2018. I send out the activity charts to new sign-ups, acknowledge their achievements on social media and send out their medals when they have  completed their challenge. As well as the individual entry we have a corporate and schools package and I have been involved in promoting 365 to these sectors as well. 

Guide Runners Service: We have a fantastic team of people who have been trained to provide guided running for people with a visual impairment who wish to run or fitness walk with Fitmums and Friends. I support this team by arranging refresher training sessions, ensuring that the Guide Runner Register is kept up-to-date, promoting the service to local stakeholders and handling any enquiries from potential service users. 

Events Volunteer Coordinator: Fitmums and Friends plays a very active role in local events that  promote health and wellbeing, including Try A Mile sessions, talking to new and expectant parents about the benefits of exercise at NHS Baby Carousel sessions amongst many others. I manage the Events Volunteer Register which we use to promote volunteering opportunities to our members. We are about to launch a Rewards System to recognise the important contribution that our Events Volunteers make. 

I have also recently been appointed as Club Liaison Lead for 3 of the Fitmums and Friends clubs; an  important role which is about providing a responsive service to clubs on behalf of the central team as well as supporting club development and improvement. 

Why do you volunteer? What have you gained from doing this?

I get a great deal of personal satisfaction from volunteering for Fitmums and Friends, there is such a great sense of camaraderie and support within the club that comes from working with enthusiastic people I know the importance of exercise to me personally and enjoy being involved in such positive opportunities to promote message that to others. I have a background in management and have been able to bring that experience into this role in order to make a positive difference in my local community. I am also still learning which is really refreshing. 

Were there any barriers you had to overcome to become a volunteer?

Only time really however I have recently changed jobs and now work part-time so I have much more  time to support Fitmums and Friends. 

What would you say to someone who's thinking of getting into volunteering?

Give it a try! Find a group or club that is doing something that you feel passionate about and find out what the volunteering opportunities are. You don’t necessarily need to sign up to a long term commitment, you should be able to give it a try to see if it’s for you. 

Feeling inspired? If you are interested in volunteering for Fitmums and Friends visit: