Key Outcomes

Support with physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of their members post lockdown

Areas Benefitted

North Lincolnshire

"The sessions have had great interest...without this funding we would not have been able to put these sessions on for our members. Simon Ho, Humberside Chinese Association"

Case Study

Humberside Chinese Association are supported to develop physical activity opportunities

How did the Tackling Inequalities Funding (TIF) help?

Humberside Chinese Association ran a regular programme of activities and events prior to March 2020. Due to Covid and the subsequent lockdowns members were unable to access these sessions. This not only affected individuals physical and mental wellbeing during these times, but also meant the organisation struggled to raise much needed funds which supported many of these activities to run.

The Tackling Inequalities Funding has supported the Humberside Chinese Association to start weekly health walks for their members across different locations in North Lincolnshire, with over 40 or so members attending the various walks. The health walks not only support members to get out and walk, it has provided an opportunity for people to socialise and reconnect which has been just as important to their health. 

The funding has also supported family karate sessions which has allowed families to be active together, and has become part of the organisations Exercise 2 Wellness Programme. The sessions have helped improve individuals flexibility and fitness levels,  lift their moods, which has increased their sense of wellbeing and also provided the participants with skills will also help participants to feel more confident .