"'Following the sessions yesterday, both sets of girls went out their way to express their gratitude for organising and taking them to the girls carousel and this direct feedback from the students was very genuine and really meant a lot to me as their teacher. It made me reflect on the project and take stock on how much impact initiatives like this have on the students involved. This feedback was backed up by the heads of year who told me they had conversations with many students and they were buzzing from the experience.'" Teacher of PE, Withernsea High School

Case Study

Supporting Teen Girls to Enjoy Physical Activity across the Humber Region

Active Humber are running Humber wide events for year 9 and 10 girls (age 14/15) who are not typically active, to help them start to enjoy the benefits being active.

The main aim of these events is to provide an opportunity for a positive experience taking part in physical activity in a different environment to school, and overall have fun!

Active Humber have been working with local leisure providers and secondary schools to engage girls in a series of physical activity and wellbeing activities. 

Local data has identified this target group and Active Humber are piloting different ways across the Humber to engage girls who don’t always want to take part in PE and physical activity and who may lack confidence and self esteem. 

Active Humber want to get these young people moving, taking part in a range of activities hoping they find something they enjoy and want to continue, we want to give the girls a positive experience of physical activity and appreciate the benefits it has on health and wellbeing in general.

The girls 'carousel' event in North Lincolnshire took place at the Pods on Thursday 9th February 2023, four local schools attended the event where the girls took part in junior gym, RIG (bespoke or standard training station designed to fit your training area and requirements), badminton/dodgeball and stretching/mindfulness. 

12 girls were identified from each school to attend the event specifically targeting the girls who don’t typically enjoy sport and physical activity and need encouragement to want to take part. 

After the event each student was given a six week pass for six sessions to attend the junior gym in their own time, a specific slot was allocated just for this group as well as the open junior gym slot. 

The event was better than expected, the girls and their teachers were very complimentary about the day, the atmosphere was positive and the girls became more confident throughout the event. 

Teachers also commented about how lovely it was to see the girls feeling confident participating in physical activity and how chatty they were as the day progressed.