Key Outcomes

To participate in new activity and meet new friends

Areas Benefitted

Young asylum seekers and refugees in Hull

"I liked the swimming lessons even if I was afraid at the beginning...I tried to overcome my fear" Young person attending swimming lessons

Case Study

Tackling Inequalities Funding supports some of Hull's most vulnerable teenagers

How did the Tackling Inequalities Funding (TIF) help?

The National Initiative for Creative Education (N.I.C.E) applied to the Tackling Inequalities Funding to support young asylum seekers and refugees who have recently been resettled in Hull, to access sport and physical activity sessions. 

Why was the project needed?

Over 30 young people from more than 10 different countries have participated in the 'Sport 4 All' programme delivered by the National Initiative for Creative Education, and funded through the Tackling Inequalities funding. Overall the project has supported the young people to:

  • Increase their understanding in health and wellbeing 
  • Develop new skills, improve their English, support them with orientation in the city  by providing activities at different sites and improve their knowledge of what is available in terms of sport and leisure provision.
  • Improve their wellbeing, feeling of safety and being more connected to those around them and to the place they live in.
  • Undertake extracurricular activities outside school hours

The project has not only supported the young people to access sport and physical activity sessions which improve their health and mental wellbeing, it has allowed them to meet new people and access facilities they may not otherwise had the opportunity to do. The project has also enable the young people to gain awards during the course, including the Bronze Boxing Award and the Rainbow Swimming Awards.