"I would say to girls just give golf a go – you will probably be surprised at how much you enjoy it" Liv Piner

Case Study

The legacy of Satellite Clubs

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Liv Piner who is interviewed first tried golf as part of a taster day at her school, then joining the golf satellite club with funding awarded though Sport England via Active Humber. 

In less than two and a half years, teenager Liv Piner has cut her handicap from 44 to 29 (and dropping!). A member at Elsham GC, she's a Girls Golf Rocks Ambassador for this year's national Golf Foundation and England Golf Programme, and is also a Golf Ambassador at her school.

With a mission to change perceptions around golf, Liv is a true inspiration and a new generation of golfer with the power to change the game.

Here's what Liv had to tell us …

How did you get into golf?

I first tried golf about two years ago when my school (Baysgarth School, North Lincolnshire) started a Golf Foundation programme with an Active Humber funded Satellite club. There was a StreetGolf taster day, and when I took part in the 'Cross Bar Challenge' that was it – I've loved the game ever since!

You seemed to be hooked! What is it about golf that you love so much?

I am totally hooked on golf and have been since I started. What makes me come back to play are the good and the bad shots. The bad shots because I want to correct them and the good shots, as for me there is no greater feeling of satisfaction when you get the ball in the hole and make a par or a birdie whether it's the first one or not. They are the best moments.

What do your friends think of you playing golf?

My friends that don't play golf think it's boring. Even if I tell them about it they don't get it. They are supportive and say well done if I've done well in a comp or something. I have run after school clubs to get them involved but they are not interested but that's ok it's not for everyone.

Do you have dreams to become a professional golfer?

Yes, definitely. It will take time and effort but I'm willing to do that. If that doesn't happen, I definitely want to a job that involves golf in some way. Maybe a coach so that I can pass on my passion to others.

You recently had your first hole in one, how did that feel?

I can't describe the feeling – it was disbelief and excitement. I wasn't even sure if it had gone in! When I got down to the hole and saw it had, I was so happy, it was amazing.

What piece of advice would you give to other girls who are interested in getting into golf?

I would say to girls just give golf a go – you will probably be surprised at how much you enjoy it. Once you get going, keep going. You will have good days and bad days, but on the whole, just enjoy it and have fun.

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