Our Commitment to Tackling Racism and Racial Inequality


Our commitment to tackling racism and racial inequality. 

Tackling inequalities has always been at the heart of the work of Active Partnerships and Active Humber are signing up to the Active Partnerships Racial Equality Commitment.

In March of 2020, we witnessed worldwide protests fighting for equal rights and systemic change. The response to these tragic events escalated real conversations around race inequality and diversity and we recognised we must do much more to address racism and racial inequalities within sport and physical activity. 

We are working together as a network, along with our partners, communities, staff, Boards and external advisors, building our knowledge and understanding of the causes, incidents and impact of racial inequality in our sector, building a long-term commitment and identifying priorities for action to make a sustained and meaningful difference. 

Whilst we are small organisations, we recognise the reach and influence we can have through our whole system approach to tackling inactivity and by building anti-racist practice into everything we do. But this requires us to lead by example, recognising our weaknesses, with individual and collective commitment to taking action to become truly inclusive, anti-racist organisations. 

Success measures will include improved representation in our teams, Boards and wider workforce, and ultimately by  working collaboratively we will increase levels of activity amongst ethnically diverse communities. 

We will continue our journey, listening and learning, supporting each other, monitoring the effectiveness of this work  and ensuring we maintain momentum, holding ourselves and each other to account for the commitment we are making. 

The work will form one part of our wider equality, diversity and inclusion strategies to tackle all inequalities and ensure  those who can benefit most are supported to become more active.

Active Partnerships are committed to being anti-racist organisations and proactively tackling the racial inequalities that prevent or discourage people from leading active lives and enjoying the benefits of sport and physical activity, whether as participants, volunteers or by working in the sector.

Active Humber and Active Partnerships, Statement of Commitment: March 2021