Mind: Spotlight on Rest Day - Wednesday 26th January


Mind, Spotlight on Rest Day. Wednesday 26 January 2022

As part of their campaign for Developing a healthy relationship with physical activity Mind are hosting a Spotlight on Rest Day on the 26th January. 

On this day, we hope to encourage the public and physical activity sector to share how they rest to help their body and mind recover. This will promote the benefits of rest and support people who are experiencing or at risk of developing an unhealthy relationship with physical activity by providing alternative activities they can include in their routine.

Why is it important to rest?

Rest days, where no physical activity takes place, can help both physical and mental health and allow time for the body and mind to recover. Rest is personal, and can be things you do for enjoyment, relaxation or achievement outside of physical activity.

Examples of rest:

• Taking the time to look after your muscles through stretching or self-massage

• Trying a new hobby or activity such as reading, meditation or photography

• Checking in with yourself through a body scan

• Connecting with others or arranging to meet with friends or family.

As part of the day, our team member's wanted to step up to the challenge and share how they rest in between exercises. Here's what David and Sarah shared about their rest days:

I love my walks to chill out, clear my mind and get into a rhythm. When I get back I keep in the mood by not rushing myself. Tasks can wait for a while so that I can enjoy the moment and the feeling of having been for a good walk.
As someone who loves to be active, I plan in active recovery days where I take time to move at a slower pace, usually a walk with family or a friend and my pet dog.

We'd love you to continue the conversation by telling us how you like to rest! Head to our social media and comment on our post about rest days.

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