Joint Statement from on the Whyte Review


A joint statement from Active Humber, North Yorkshire Sport and Yorkshire Sport Foundation on the Whyte Review in to the sport of gymnastics: 

Like everyone who has read about the Whyte Review into the sport of gymnastics, we are appalled at the treatment many young gymnasts have been subjected to in the pursuit of their chosen sport. 

The kind of behaviour described has no place in society, let alone sport which has the potential to be a huge force for good. 

While there are far more ‘good’ coaches than ‘bad’, we must not underestimate the seriousness of the problem. It is imperative that clubs, coaches, athletes and parents work together to ensure sport is a safe haven for young people to develop and nurture their talents. 

Safeguarding has a crucial role in sport. If anyone has concerns, guidance on how to raise these can be found on every National Governing Body and Active Partnership website. 

There is so much that is good about sport in Yorkshire and Humber. We have fantastic gymnastics clubs across the region who will be devastated to hear these stories. We applaud their good work and support them in their endeavours. 

Sport remains a force for good and a vital part of the lives of many people in Yorkshire and The Humber, but it can only remain so if we ensure that there is no place for the type of behaviour highlighted in the Whyte Review.

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