Local Community debuts two teams into Hull Boys Sunday Football League


Local Community debuts two teams into Hull Boys Sunday Football League

Sunday 17th September 2023 marks a monumental and proud moment which will see two newly affiliated youth football teams from Central Ward, Hull make their league debut

Following 2 years of youth activities and the coming together of parents, volunteers, partners and funders including HCAL, Active Humber, Mind, Sir James Reckitt Charity and Place for People, The Peel Project have this season affiliated an under 10's and under 12's team into division one of Hull Boys Sunday Football League.


Since June 2021, The Peel Project have been providing year-round place based organised youth football at Peel Street Park to address the lack of youth engagement and organised sports within one of the most racially diverse areas of our city that was significantly impacted by the Covid pandemic and the murder of a local youngster Abdullah Ballouchi in October 2020.

The project has provided 100's of children place based structured activities and a positive outlet to channel their energy and emotions, instead of engaging in potentially harmful or criminal activities, children under supervision of volunteers, qualified coaches and youth workers have supported local youth to focus on practicing, playing football and improving their skills.

Through these activities we have seen a group of talented children excel in their teamwork, discipline and shown dedication and hunger to further themselves. Following consulting with the children and their parents we have for the past 9 months set a goal to become an affiliated football team and are delighted to have not only have two talented affiliated football teams this season but also have Peel Street Park our home ground.


Having a local youth football team represents a source of community pride and gives children and their families something to rally behind, fostering a sense of collective identity and unity within the locality and the programme is part of our strategy to improve lives and build communities!


The Peel Project's goal is to break barriers and reduce inequalities in sports for disadvantaged communities. Peel Project Tigers (under 12's team) and Peel Project Lions (under 10's) are the first BAME led football team in Hull Boys Sunday Football League consisting of children from diverse ethnic backgrounds, the project is committed to ending racial discrimination and look forward to working together to promote 'Kick It Out' 


We would like to thank everyone that has helped and supported our youth programmes over the past years, especially our volunteers, coaches, friends and partners that have enabled us.

A special thanks to Hull City Council's Parks Team, Neighbourhood Team and local Cllr Shane McMurray for their support and enabling us to get ready for the new season and finally thanks to Priory Rangers for their involvement and mentoring the past few months.


We invite you to come and support the team and our grassroots community and youth work.

Our first league games, both our under 10’s and under 12’s will be playing at home on Sunday 17th September at Peel Street Park, kick off is at 10am and 12pm, we hope to see you there. For more information and to keep track of our debut season follow us on social media @thepeelproject or contact us! 

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