Humber EcoFest Finale


Humber EcoFest Conference

On Saturday our CEO David Gent and Project Support Officer Hannah Stanton attended the finale for the Humber EcoFest at their conference. This was an insightful day which held a host of inspiring speakers discussing the need to act now to ensure we have a sustainable future. Speakers at this event included; Silviu Pirvu from Optimal Cities who is working with Hull to help plan sustainability with the use of space tech and Helena Kettleborough delivering a session on learning to create a sustainable Humber region.

David and Hannah spoke at this event about the positive sustainability effects that occur whilst being physically active and why Active Humber felt it was important to support this local festival. They discussed how taking part in physical activity helps to reduce your carbon footprint through using exercise as a mode of transport and also using it for leisure purposes instead of driving or watching the television. As well as this, they informed the audience of Active Humbers role as an active partnership and how we are achieving our mission of 'getting the most inactive, active for themselves their community and their planet'.

Overall, this was a great event to finish off a highly successful festival. Just remember to do what you can as an individual as this is what will help make a difference.