Let’s Get Out There - New This Girl Can Campaign launches


The launch of the new This Girl Can campaign links perfectly with our May focus on children and young people.

This Girl Can is on a new mission to show that natural environments, from urban parks and canals, to coastal paths and forests, are for all women. 

We're backing this campaign as we want women to enjoy the many physical and mental health benefits to be gained from spending time in green and blue spaces.

The team at This Girl Can have developed a series of assets including editable posters, social media assets and a bank of images, all featuring women getting active in their own way, outdoors.

This is because research has shown that women, and particularly those from culturally-diverse backgrounds, have greater barriers to accessing and enjoying outdoor spaces.

But the aim of the campaign is for women to think of nature and outdoor spaces as places to enjoy and improve their physical health and overall wellbeing.

Whether it's practising yoga, running, wheeling, cycling or simply walking, striding or strolling, we want women and girls to enjoy and make the most of the great outdoors.

Keep an eye out for...

We'll be sharing first hand accounts of how being active outdoors has benefit one of the young people in our own team, sharing ways you can get active outdoors and looking at how a group of school girls from Scunthorpe have enjoyed getting active in an environment outside the school.

Get Involved

There are a suite of campaign assets for This Girl Can supporters to be able to support the campaign which are available to download from the resources section of their This Girl Can Campaign Hub now.