New Waltham Academy in North East Lincs extend their original Level 1/2 Bikeability Delivery


New Waltham Academy have spoken to Active Humber around how they have increased the amount of children who bike and walk to school.The school have extended the original Level 1/2 Bikeability delivery and are developing a roadmap for your young people with balance and cycle confidence courses as well as linking in with national initiatives.

Here is what the Deputy Head Teacher had to say:

'As part of our active travel push we have a secure cycle scheme which is implemented throughout school.

In EYFS and Nursery staff have been trained to deliver balance bike training. Staff deliver this to the children throughout the year to improve their gross motor, balance and core strength.

In Year 3/4, following on from balance bike training in infants, we bring in external coaches who complete a cycle confidence with our children. Children are given basic training and assessed in terms of ability to ride, turn corners, signal, brake etc. Those who are identified as needed more support are given more support to ensure they are at the level they require. This is a diluted version of the level 1 training they would have in Yr5.

Children in Yr3,4,5 who are identified as non riders are given 1:1 cycle training as part of a learn to ride lesson. This year one child worked with a coach for 5 hours but went from a complete non rider, couldn't turn the pedals to being able to ride!

Children in Yr5 then complete their bikeability level 1 and 2 over two days with external coaches. By this point, all children should be confident in riding as they will have already been picked up as non riders further in their schooling to ensure they can fully participate.

We have two large bike sheds and scooter park up areas to encourage children to walk, scoot or cycle to school. We participate in the Walk to School Living Streets initiative and children are currently awarded a badge for 2 active journeys a week but this will increase to 3 times a week from September.'

Active Humber want to support schools Humber wide to promote walking, cycling and scooting to school so that physical activity is part of our everyday lives and routines, this can save money, protect the environment as well as improving your family’s health. If you want to discuss this further please contact Lucy Gray,

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