Our Impact


Our role is to effectively advocate for the improvement in the levels of physical activity and sport across the Humber, especially amongst those facing the greatest inequalities and/or who are physically inactive. 

We do that by working with many different organisations and people to:

  • Make the case for the benefits that physical activity and sport bring to the economy and communities of the Humber. 
  • Build the relationships to tackle inequalities and physical inactivity through effective collaborative working.
  • Demonstrate the collective impact of increased and more inclusive levels of physical activity.

Our desire is to create a movement of people creating population level change, where the whole physical activity sector works together and with other partners to ensure year on year improvements in activity levels.

We advocate for:

  • Encouraging people to have a positive relationship with physical activity and change their behaviours (the general population as a whole).  
  • Encouraging those who are least active and / or facing the greatest inequalities to be active on a regular basis and support them to take steps to achieve that. 
  • Making links to specific themes within health, the economy, environment & climate change and inequalities, and the value of physical activity in helping to address those issues. 
  • Advocating for changes in legislation, policy and how physical activity is delivered locally to remove those issues which hinder greater levels of physical activity taking place.  
  • That Active Humber is seen as a trusted and credible organisation to help bring about these changes. 


We have 4 business goals that provide the foundation for all of our work on advocacy and influence. Those goals are.   

  • Advocacy - Advocate for the importance of physical activity and sport in the lives of the people of the Humber. It is important to be active and to enjoy long term good health and well-being.   
  • Inactivity - Tackling inactivity by addressing those barriers that are stopping people being active. 
  • Inequalities - Tackling inequalities by supporting those people facing the greatest inequalities in our society in partnership with other organisations. 
  • Exemplar - Active Humber is a trusted & respected charity to lead and bring about the change to support the people of the Humber to be more physically active. 

We have a dual focus of influencing the individual with our partners and influencing the system of provision for physical activity and sport. 

Our key messages 

Our key messages to key audiences of influencers are.   

Political & Media - MPs, Lords, Local Authority Leaders, Metro Mayors, Combined Authorities, CEOs & Media

Successful and thriving places are places that have high levels of physical activity which helps to create stronger communities and greater social cohesion.  

Education & Childrens services - Primary, Secondary, Further & Higher Education, other children and young people services.  

Physically active children and young people are better learners, healthier and their mental health is better through being physically activite.  

Health & Social Care - OHID Y&H, Public Health, Humber and North Yorkshire Integrated Care Service, Social Care, Health & Wellbeing boards 

Physical activity improves the health of our communities and in particular those with disabilities and long term health conditions. 

Environment - Transport, planning, regeneration and climate change organisations  

A place designed to encourage people to be physically active is a more healthier, sustainable and equal place through programmes that promote active travel and transport and better urban design 

Economy - Economic, workplace health, employment & skills bodies and employers 

A physically healthy workforce is more productive, has reduced sickness absence and better retention rates. 

Strong, safe, and sustainable communities and sport - Statutory & Public bodies, Voluntary Sector Organisations, Uniformed Services, Clubs, NGBs  

Physical activity helps to prevent and reduce crime & anti-social behaviour and create a more inclusive and safer place.  

Who to contact at Active Humber? 

Political & Media - Amanda Potter - amanda.potter@yorkshiresport.org

Education & Children's Services - Nicola Massingham - nmassingham@activehumber.co.uk

Health & Social Care - Amanda Potter - amanda.potter@yorkshiresport.org

Environment - David Gent - dgent@activehumber.co.uk

Economy - David Gent - dgent@activehumber.co.uk

Strong, Safe, and Sustainable Communities and Sport - Nicola Massingham - nmassingham@activehumber.co.uk